The technician came out to look at my air conditioner left me an invoice for 3300.00 to 6000.00 3300.00 was to repair unit I couldn’t believe it my air conditioner company I usually use was unavailable so I called Campbell well that same night my company heard my message and showed up to my house I told him what was going on showed him the invoice from Campbell’s he went out and looked at my air conditioner I was shocked it was a simple fix they charged me $106.00 dollars my air has been running fine I am so upset with this company I am older female and live by myself I have tried to talk to this company about this I do not believe my check should be cashed for service call was $108.14 but it was for my washing machine also which I was quoted $867.65 to repair so I went and purchased a new one be very leary and get a second opinion when using this company they still have not resolved this I feel I am paying $108.14 for someone to come and lie to me

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