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License No. TACLB26855C

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License No. TACLB26855C

Air Conditioning Repair

For the most economical solutions for your air conditioning needs, call our team of certified technicians. You can reach Campbell Heating & Air at 254-312-4010 for a quick response and reliable service. Let us help you stay cool this summer with a swift return to a smooth running air conditioner.

In addition to air conditioning repair we also offer installation and maintenance services to help you keep your home comfortable no matter how hot it is outside.

Professional A/C Repair Service

Air Conditioning Repair Old, new, questionable condition, portable unit or central air, Campbell Heating & Air heating technicians are faced with many systems and look forward to the challenge. We aim to quickly restore comfort as Campbell Heating & Air has been the leading choice for air conditioner repair in Texas. We have solved everything from complete system failure to minor issues with calibration.

Dealing with a decrease in comfort, an increase in energy cost, noisy machinery, or foul smells coming from the unit or leakage around the unit, there is no time to spare. When your air conditioning unit malfunctions and you continue to use the failing equipment, your problem is inevitably going to get worse. Air conditioning malfunctions don’t fix themselves. Due to the complexity of air conditioning units, just one malfunctioning component can place stress on the entire system causing further complications. While some complications can be minor in some cases they can lead to safety hazards. Let one of our seasoned technicians help you determine whether your unit is repairable or whether it is time for a complete replacement.

When it comes to heating and cooling our certified technicians have the knowledge, skills, and experience to size your new system properly. The saying bigger is better doesn’t always ring true when it comes to heating and cooling, large units never achieve efficient levels of operation or humidity removal. While the unit continually cycles on and off, needless stress is placed on components, this leads to more air conditioning repairs compromising system longevity. By ensuring your new cooling system is correctly sized and installed by Campbell Heating & Air you can count on fifteen to twenty years of consistent comfort.

Campbell Heating & Air does not only deal in air conditioning replacement, but we also specialize in heating and furnace unit replacement services and as well as commercial HVAC units.

AC Repair Experts in Central Texas

Campbell Heating & Air works with you to keep pricing down and strives to minimize intrusion into your home, eliminating stress and worry. We provide professional A/C repair services around the clock and we are licensed as well as insured, ensuring peace of mind knowing that no matter the time, we can help. Our team of qualified technicians will protect your home through the use of foot and floor coverings, by performing a full-system tune-up, cleaning, and troubleshooting for any potential problems we will also protect your investment. Our team is guaranteed to arrive on time, equipped with the necessary tools to handle any problems that could arise.

By only employing certified HVAC technicians and qualified and friendly office staff, Campbell Heating & Air is able to provide additional peace of mind. Our team of sales and service representatives continually and consistently exceed high standard giving unparalleled service. Continuing education helps our staff remain on the edge of technology by keeping them up to date on the latest in HVAC advancements, features and Factory Authorized parts.

In addition to air conditioning repair services we offer professional repair services for both commercial HVAC systems and heater/furnace units.

Schedule Your Air Conditioning Repair Appointment

Our team values your time, we strive to keep you informed through all stages of your service making recommendations and gaining your approval before proceeding. Our team will help you find a plan that satisfies your budget and schedule whether your best option is to replace or repair. Campbell Heating & Air strives to accommodate you in any way possible, call us today at 254-312-4010 or reach out online to speak to a member of our team for air conditioning repair services. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Always available, always committed to your complete satisfaction.

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